A LIVE training from Get It Done Mum

Find out exactly how to eliminate doubt and worry when starting a business (without the Mama Guilt*!)

Tuesday, June 20th 12:30pm NZT (find your local time here)

Here's what you'll learn:

1. How to eliminate stress & worry right now so you feel excited about your business (instead of drained and exhausted).

2. Where to start and what to focus on first to get better results

3. The counter-productive tasks you are working on right now that add to your doubts and worries without you even realising it (and what to do about them).

4. The big money trap that's holding you back from earning more - and how to turn it around

5. How to get a simple, focused plan in place for your business so you can back yourself and your idea 100%.

Plus: At the end of the training, we address your most frustrating business problems with live Q&A coaching. Right then and there. No waiting. 

What Mums are saying about this free training:

Monica Power

"Just finished watching the training replay…thanks to you both for your expertise and time! I found it to be incredibly informative, enjoyed how it was structured and definitely left with a few ‘take-aways’ from this. I believe [your program] is such great value! " -- Monica Power

Amanda Cookson

"I’d 100% recommend attending Jo and J9’s training. I can pinpoint that training as a turning point in my business. I don’t know what was more helpful – either the practical advice and tips on managing time or the realisation that there were other mums out there who were 100% in the same boat!” -- Amanda Cookson - Be My Guest

Lizzie Wheedon headshot

"What a great program this is! I was really struggling with my business. I knew what I wanted but didn't know where to start! Janine and Jo have been great with their suggestions and planning. I have learnt so much, not least of which is when to ask for help!" -- Lizzie Wheedon

Not enough time and not enough money. Not sure where to focus or what to do next. Worried you'll have to go back to paid job. Feeling overwhelmed and stuck.  

Any of this sound familiar?!! 

This free 90-minute training will help you stop chasing your tail and get more focused so you can build a business you love without all the doubt, stress and worry. 

Plus you'll meet a team of like-minded Mums to provide support and motivation!

Janine and Jo on a mountain

Who are Get It Done Mum?

1. We are Jo and J9, two adventurous, outdoorsy types who LOVE empowering Mums to build businesses that give them the freedom and flexibility to choose their work hours. 

2. We are MAD about delivering affordable, fun & interactive online trainings to Mums starting out in business (no more boring webinars!) 

3. Above all else, we're committed to helping our clients get the results and life they want. We walk the talk because we have built a successful business working part time hours while bringing up our families - so we get the struggle! 

We can't wait to share our proven strategies for building a profitable business you love (without the doubt and worry!) xxx Jo & J9  


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