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Let’s get this business of yours flying Mama!

"If you are lost in a sea of doubt and too many creative ideas, these ladies will pick you up, sort you out and show you the way forward" ~ Kathy

Can you imagine waking up in the morning feeling a sense of empowered calm and confidence, secure in the knowledge that you have a great plan for your business and a clear pathway to income? That YOU are the one calling the shots?  

Seriously, stop for a minute right now and take a moment to imagine what that feels like … to know you are on-track to pay yourself, build up a regular stream of clients, and have a marketing plan in place that feels authentic and fun. 

Plus you wake up each day with an empowered sense of ‘I can do this’ energy that invigorates and lights you up. The fear and self-doubt that dogged you constantly has been replaced with a quiet confidence you are doing the right thing for you and your family. Imagine how freaking great this feels!  

Well guess what? There are mums out there who feel like this and YES it’s possible for you too.  

And we’re here to help you do it. 


We genuinely care about you and your business journey...it's our secret sauce!

Agree!! I’m doing another course at the same time and I swear I could have karked it and they’d never know! Very little engagement and I really don’t think they’d care if I succeeded or not. I don’t feel that way with GIDM!  

~Peti Morgan, Agile VA & The Leveraged Mama

I joined for accountability and access to mentoring to keep me motivated and on track at an affordable price. Well I've certainly got that! Got a damn good kick up the arse! Wasn't expecting that but it's so refreshing to invest in a course where they CARE if you complete it or not! 🤣 

~Debra Rock-Evans, World Awake Movement  

One of the things I know about this space is just how much Janine and Jo care about you all seeing the journey through, so many courses don’t offer that. I think it’s pretty special.

~Rachel Lewis, She Owns It


"A real knack for helping you focus on what's going to move your business forward" 

I signed up because I needed some direction with how to turn what I love into a viable business, because I had no idea where to start. 

The three sections of the online course were exactly what I needed - something that started at the VERY beginning and allowed you to go at your own pace. I loved that they were business coaches, who were mums whose focus was mums! 

Once I joined I realised there was so much more - opportunities for 121, face2face, networking, an amazing community which allows you to feel you’re not alone in this journey but also provided a platform to be vulnerable and ask those “silly” questions without feeling like you should know the answers already! 

This has been the best decision! 

~ Abby Lynn, Creative Coping

Before I joined Biz School I was out in the entrepreneurial wilderness, alone and clueless. 

I'd been doing online courses, reading countless resources and trying different things but what I really needed was a network, and some direction. I found that in Biz School. 

Janine and Jo are excellent, business savvy mentors who know their stuff and have a real knack at helping you focus on what's going to help move your business forward. 

I've also found a strong, supportive, diverse network of other business owners also juggling motherhood and business growth. The best decision I made this year! 

~ Peti Morgan, The Leveraged Mama

I love Biz School. LOVE IT! I was at a serious crossroads in my business and ready to admit defeat. I believed in my business and desperately wanted to continue but I really didn't know what I should be doing to move things along in the right direction....plus I'm a stay-at-home Mum to three pre-schoolers! 

 I joined Biz School after hearing about them in a group and it has honestly been the best business decision I have made! J9 & Jo are amazing. They are always quick to respond to your questions, they motivate you, help you acheive results and celebrate the successes in your business with you. 

The Biz School modules provide you with comprehensive strategies that you can apply to your business to get the results you want to move your business forward. I love the Biz School online community too because all of the members are in a similiar position being women in business (and mothers) and are all really supportive too. I highly recommend Biz School to anyone looking to take control of their business and get results! 

~ Megan Gourley, Little Know It All


We get it!  

We started out in business over 8 years ago now and it's been a heck of a journey. When we started out, we were footloose and fancy free, traveling and working the world. 

Fast forward to today and we could never have imagined where the journey would have taken us.

We've hosted online summits and guest experts, launched a podcast that hit no. 1 on Itunes New & Noteworthy, built up a fantastic community of Mum business owners and coached hundreds of women on their businesses. 

But it hasn't all been plain sailing. It took us AGES to figure out how to stand out in a very crowded online coaching niche. At times, it felt like such slow going as we added Mothering four babies, rural farm life (Jo) and unschooling (J9) into into the mix.

When we launched our Business School for Mums in 2018, it was like something finally clicked. We realised we had finally found our secret sauce, our niche, the signature product and service that makes us special! It's an amazing feeling.

And best of all, our members are getting great results. We're so happy and excited about what we are building now, and we can't wait to support you to find your secret sauce too. 

Come on over and meet with us, we'd love to chat and find out more about you and your dreams for your business.  


Ready to break the 9 to 5 mould and redefine what you do for a living, on your own terms?

Meet Real Life Mums Who Are Doing It

#celebrateawin Holy, Moly look at that growth 😱 I put this infographic together for an award application (long shot but have to be in to win, right?) and almost fell off my chair with these numbers which reflect the past year. I knew the business was growing, but I didn't realise it was to this extent. The last year has really taken off for me and I have GIDM to thank for that!! The biz school modules and support in this group have provided me with real clarity and focus. There are 3 things in particular that I think have contributed to the growth: 1. I narrowed my target audience even though it didn't feel right to begin with (best decision ever!) 2. I decided to focus on lead magnets and automated email sequences as a marketing priority 3. I outsourced some tasks during busy periods I just wanted to share that with the group and to say thanks for your support, feedback and ideas! 

#CELEBRATE After over a year working with Janine & Jo (with a full time business & kids on the side), I'm super excited to be soft launching a paid online membership site on Tuesday 🤜🤛 

I am beyond excited!!! Imperfect action is my middle name. ..but I've overcome the imposter syndrome and fear of not getting it perfect and being judged. I'm getting it out there!  

A massive thank you to Janine for ALL you've taught and continue to teach me (email database, urgency, narrow and know my niche, what will generate the most income for the least effort, time bound, knowing my weaknesses (fears) and strengths) - and thank you for your enthusiasm & commitment to me having a thriving business, for your passion and massive heart! Thanks to Debra Rock-Evans for the fb live tips (you probably don't even realise how much you taught me), to my Biz Besties Kat, Kate, Peti for your advice, support and for helping me get over the edge every week with heaps of laughs, to ALL you busy amazing mum's who have commented, suggested, encouraged, listened and supported me along the way. THANK YOU!!  

If you're still reading - I wanted to encourage you to keep going, keep working at your project, keep your finger on the pulse - it is worth it. If I (a dyslexic, uneducated girl from West Auckland) can do it, then you definitely can!!!

(note from J9 and Jo : Kirstyn and Chad went on to sell out their first 50 membership spots within 3 days of their launch!)

Time, or lack of it, is a huge challenge for Mums in business

We get this and as we speak, we are busy navigating these same challenges ourselves.

Whether your kids are at home, in daycare part-time, or at school five days a week, constant pulls on your time mean you are multi-tasking more often than not.

The demands of running a business alongside being a great Mum, looking after a home, and trying to take care of yourself can mean you feel as if you are not doing a great job of anything, plus you feel guilty to boot! 

We are here to help you overcome this. 

We've helped hundreds of busy Mums figure out how they can get more done with less stress in their business. 

We can help you quickly hone in on what is MOST important for you to be focusing on - no more spreading yourself too thin. 

There is a way to generate the income you deserve faster than you thought, but it's crucial that you spend your precious time wisely. We'll help you nail down a clear strategy and marketing plan to get there, so you can feel great about the hours you are working on your business. 

Sounds simple - and it should be!