Audience Building Checklist for Mums Starting Out

Struggling to grow your email list? 

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Email List

Sharyn Ogg

"Wow, now I have a few key steps to follow/tick off to get audience building. Being a creative person I tend to be quite scattered and this has given me a focused step-by-step list of what should be done - excellent!!” 

--Sharyn - Plant and Share

Ann Martin

"[I've had] an amazing growth spurt to my email list for my pattern business. My list grew in a matter of days due to amazing marketing coaching by Jo and help from my VA."  

-- Ann Martin - Puddle Lane & Audrey Lane

 Implement this checklist and watch the numbers on your email list go UP, UP, UP!

When you grow your email list, you increase your sales.

It’s a bold statement but true. We've used our Audience Building Checklist to grow our email list and increase sales, and so have the Mums in our Business School too. 

Tick off the 5-steps outlined in this checklist and you'll be well on your way to building an audience of loyal followers who will go on to buy your products and services (yes, it's true!)  

Your email list is your best marketing and sales tool, so you need the RIGHT people on your list - those who are engaged and ready to buy. You can attract these people effectively by using this checklist.

We can't wait to see you start to make progress on your list-building! 

With warmest wishes,  

Janine and Jo Co-Founders, Get It Done Mum Business School 

Your 5 Step Guide to Simple, Low-Cost Audience Building 

Where you're going wrong when it comes to audience building (we're all guilty of this!)  

Ideas for creating your lead-magnet. 

The systems to use to build your list efficiently.  

How to promote to your list in a cost and time effective way.  

What you need to do next! 

"I felt like you gave me a lot of value just for signing up. I have so many things to action now, and the checklist at the end ensures I will!"  

-- Monique - Dressing Up 

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